Tips for Spray Tanning

DO NOT fake and bake, girls! I repeat, DO NOT fake and bake. Not only are tanning booths a cancer and wrinkle causing nightmare, but you can burn and be itchy, red and miserable on your big day.  Spray tanning is DEFINITELY the way to go! 

I will admit that I frequent the Rock Star Tan Bar in Kirkland on occasion....ok, weekly. But hey, its freeing not having to wear much make-up and I consider it serious research for my clients (hee hee!)  Here are my tips for that perfect, no one knows you tan, tan:

Rock star

  1. Start experimenting with spray tanning weeks before your event.
  2. Use a VeriSpa machine that applies the tan evenly while you are standing. It has a blower that dries you too, so you're not all sticky.
  3. Always wear a shower cap and make sure it's at your hairline and your ears are OUT.
  4. Fold a hand towel in half and stand on it when you tan, so the color doesn't puddle at your feet.
  5. Always choose the "clear" vs. "bronze" setting; the tan won't show up for a few hours, but much better than streaks all over your clothes.
  6. Start with the lightest shade and work your way up to a color that you're comfortable with.
  7. Exfoliate like a mad woman and moisturize heavily before you spray tan...especially your hands, feet, knees and elbows.
  8. Exfoliate your face morning of your spray tan for longest lasting results (it's the first to fade).
  9. Don't shower for 24 hours after your tan; this will help it last the maximum of 5 days.  (Beware: Don't plan an intimate occasion on your spray day; you will smell a little bit like burnt corn flakes, but it's not that bad! )
  10. Put lotion on your nail cuticles, in between your fingers, and on the palms of your hands to shield from the spray.  These areas tend to turn a funky color.
  11. Stand closer or farther away from the spray nozzles depending on the area you'd like less or more tan. This will help it look more natural.

Be tan, be and look healthy!