Just Married: Amy & Tony

Congratulations to this gorgeous couple who made it official with the help of VOWS on August 15th at the stunning St. Thomas Medina church and the swanky new Four Seasons in downtown Seattle.  Pink and "bling" was the theme of the day and the details were out of this world!  From the Nike shoe groom's cake designed by the hotel's mega talented pastry chef to the beautiful candy buffet that kept kids and adults on a sugar high all night. 

The food, sights, and sounds didn't disappoint.  L.A. super band the "L.A. Allstars" was flown up for the occasion and impressed with an amazing likeness to the Black Eyed Peas (oh yes, the popular "Tonight's Going to Be a Good Night" is a fave at weddings this year!)  And even the groom busted out his talents as a rapper, performing a serenade to his new wife on stage while guests munched on a late night snack of Dick's Cheeseburgers.

Thanks to J Garner Photography for the sneak peek, your commitment and excitement on the job, and of course, for your flawless eye for great images.