Just Say "NO" to Slicked Back Hair & Prom Ringlets!

The 80s are so over and if I see one more prom ringlet, I think I may quit this business...that's why I'm loving the latest trend of 40s inspired hair for brides!  

It's official: Hair doesn't have to be back and stiff to be formal. So many of my clients have such beautiful hair and I hate to see it hidden on their big day.  I'm thrilled to see that the wedding industry is taking cues from the ladies on the red carpet who are daring to wear their hair down. Whether it's with a dramatic side part, strategic waves, or large, long curls...hair is silky, romantic, and sexy while still being appropriate. 

The short, flirty, net veil is a perfect accessory for this hair trend...also feathers or a simple flower tucked behind the ear.  All pump up a bride's style.  Dainty earrings, pearls and dramatic eye OR lip color (not both) pull it all together.

No matter your wedding day style, make sure it fits you. You want your friends and family to  recognize you when you come down the aisle. If you're a Talbots girl, and have never busted out with saucy accessories on a Saturday night, this trend is probably not for you. 

Have fun with style on your wedding day, but it's most important to focus on being the best version of yourself.   You won't be disappointed.