VOWS Favorite Look of the Week

There are so many things I love about this table design: vintage meets contemporary with oodles of texture, subtle color and lighting elements.  Glass, oh glass, so many wonderful uses here. Glass is a fabulous element with it's translucent nature that creates a presence without stopping the eye, and of course it reflects light beautifully. Tapered candles with exposed flame (make sure this is permitted at your venue) allow the candlelight to work it's romantic magic. Glass votive holders with a band of frost draw your eye deeper into the table and highlight the varied heights used.

Anemones (in season for Jan-May and Aug-Dec celebrations) and Ranuculus (February-May), my two favorite flowers, are stars in the centerpieces. Simple dome arrangements, they ooze elegance and style as not a typical mix of both varieties, but strategic placement of groupings of the same flower. 

Oh, yes, feathers can be fun, but in moderation. This is the perfect touch to highlight the tall arrangment behind the table, but I wouldn't advise this dramatic element in every centerpiece as it could take on a Mardi Gras look...unless that's what you're going for! 

Color, let's talk color here. The white on white on white look (i.e. family of neutrals) is so big right now. Sophisticated and timeless. They've done it right here with chocolate brown as the anchor shade, then getting lighter in the layers and topping off with just a hint of pale pink in the Anemones that in their own right could be considered a neutral.  

The darker ghost chairs (another growing trend) round out the overall open and inviting look and give a shout-out to the contemporary.