My Interview with a High School Student

STUDENT:  What is the greatest piece of advice you could give to any aspiring wedding coordinator? VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Get your college degree in communication…this is a people business!

STUDENT:  What is your greatest achievement so far from your career?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Building a successful business is my greatest achievement.

STUDENT:  What kind of benefits (emotionally and literally) do you receive from your job?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Owning your own biz allows you to say who, when and how much…freedom to make your own schedule, etc. It also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I take an event from a coffee shop discussion to the full-blown event. Emotional satisfaction comes from knowing I have helped a couple and their families truly enjoy this special and massive step in their lives. The thanks I get, and often tears, is hugely rewarding.

STUDENT:  What is your daily work routine like?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Lots of emailing, phone calls, research on the Internet, driving around the city to meetings, tours, and interviews.  Also do a lot of fun stuff with design at studios and tastings of food and drink at caterers and venues.

STUDENT:   How tough is it to become well-known in the industry?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Takes time, tons of marketing (advertising, social marketing, etc), a squeaky clean customer service and quality of service record (word travels fast in a small industry), and constant networking with vendors and venue reps.

STUDENT:  What is the best thing about your job?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  I get to be creative and involved in all the areas I love:  photography, fashion, interior design, food & wine, music and much more!

STUDENT:  If you had the chance, would you have done anything differently to get where you are today?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  I would have started growing the business with employees earlier. 

STUDENT:  Are there any opportunities for advancement?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  The harder I work, the more I work, the more $$ I will make.  I’m already the boss. :-)

STUDENT: Is there anything about your job that you would change?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Wish it didn’t take up most of my weekends in the summer, but as you get more experienced you can pick and choose leaving yourself time for a Sat BBQ or two with friends.

STUDENT:  What education did you receive in the process of becoming a wedding coordinator?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  BA in Journalism and Sociology from Gonzaga University (worked for a PR, Marketing and Corporate Events firm for 6 years before starting my biz)

STUDENT:  Describe your job in one word?

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths:  Exhilarating

Photo by Alders Photography