Destination Weddings: Why Head Out of Town?

By VOWS Lead Coordinator Stephanie Wilson Destination weddings and vow renewals are becoming increasingly popular. The team at VOWS is waiting to partner with you in planning your dream event in Hawaii, Mexico or the Caribbean. If you’re considering a destination wedding, but  unsure about saying “I Do” beyond your backyard, here’s a quick list of great reasons to jump in (the crystal blue ocean) with both feet!

More quality time with your nearest and dearest:  You’ll have much more time to catch-up with your guests than you would if your wedding was at home.  Instead of spending two minutes with each person while greeting tables at your reception, you can arrange a pre-wedding cocktail party, hike, snorkel cruise, beach activities, and so much more!

Smaller guest list:  With travel involved, you can limit your guest list, thus saving money on things that may be more important to you like food, the bar, entertainment, and the special details. Because it’s a destination wedding, you won’t be forced to invite your estranged cousins or all of your co-workers!  You can take the money you would have spent on those guests and put it towards treating your nearest and dearest to extra surprises and a lovely vacation!

Wedding/Honeymoon Combo:  Once you’re in paradise, stay in paradise.  Maybe venture to the other side of the island or at least a different resort for privacy from the fam, but no need to get up early the next day for a flight…you’re instantly honeymooning after you say “I Do”!  How cool is that?

Unlimited options:  All-inclusive resorts, beach-front estates, boutique resorts and more are just a few of the options available. Most resorts have venue reps waiting to help the VOWS team make the wedding personally yours. From champagne upon arrival, personalized rehearsal dinners, custom color schemes, floral, entertainment, and food/beverage… the sky is the limit!  We can help you pair down your selections and communicate with the venue to make sure everything is planned exactly to your taste and style.  We follow up with the venue to ensure they have a current guest list, table layouts, details on setup and design, timing of the ceremony and reception events, photography list and more! We can also be on location to coordinate the ceremony rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and wedding day. Additionally, VOWS offers concierge services - led by Associate Coordinator Emily Benjamin - to ensure your guests are well taken care of every step of the way!

Less Stress:  You’re instantly on vacation when you land!  In ultra relaxing locations like Jamaica, Maui and Cabo San Lucas, for example, you’re less likely to be stressed out the days leading up to your wedding. Warm breezes and swaying palm trees are so much more calming than traffic and unpredictable weather.

Rest assured you’re still in good hands, despite the fact that you’re not in the Seattle area. It’s all about communication. The team here at VOWS can take it to the next level because we know how to plan and successfully execute an event anywhere in the world!

VOWS Owner Katy Griffiths and Lead Coordinator Stephanie Wilson have experience with tropical destination weddings. Our passports are current and we’d love to help you plan and achieve your dream wedding vision.  On a recent trip to Jamaica with the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), we discovered the wonderful world of Caribbean weddings and were amazed at how many options there were!  From the warm and friendly hospitality, to the amazing food, lush décor options, tropical drinks and exotic entertainment, we agree that the destination wedding experience is one not to overlook!

If you would like further information on the process and how we can partner with you to throw a destination experience your entire crew will cherish for years, give us a ring!  We’ve got our sun block at the ready!