Pin It! Pinterest 101 for Wedding Planning

By: Stephanie Wilson, VOWS Lead Coordinator Image

The Pros of Using Pinterest:

Strong Visual Appeal.  As the old saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words.  Your "pins" will definitely help your wedding team to see and understand your vision whether it be a specific color shade, what you really mean by your theme, and more.  It’s also a great tool to be able to view several aspects of a wedding all nicely arranged on one page. Pinterest truly makes creating an inspiration (and explanation) board for your wedding easy!

Inspiration. A one stop shop for ideas, inspiration, color scheme, personalization and finding things you might not come up with on your own. You can build separate boards to include color palettes, bridal attire, bridesmaids styling, bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony décor, stationery, wedding cakes, unique touches and personalization.

Photography Styling. It is easy to put a board together of a few photography styles or must have shots you like. Then you can send your photographer the link and they can “get inside your head” and make some notes on a few images or poses you like!

Easy access to your vision. Take your smart phone or tablet with you to vendor appointments and you can easily show your style off to the florist, designer, gown boutique, and wedding planner. No printing endless pages and wasting ink. No flipping from website to website, or blog to blog… just go to your Pinterest board(s)!


Some Unexpected Cons:

Overwhelming amount of information and highly addictive.  There is so much out there, that you can get very overwhelmed, even confused. You may end up spending countless hours making sure you scour “every single idea” you can find. This can cause doubt and insecurity about your original vision, and prevent you from honing in on what's really important to you.

Creates unrealistic expectations.  Sometimes brides find the “perfect” table setting on Pinterest.  Then reality hits that matching this look is beyond too expensive; she’s unable to get matching china as shown in the photo; the flowers are not available that time of the year or in their part of the country, etc. This can lead to disappointment and can take the fun out of making the wedding uniquely yours while not breaking the bank or adding an unrealistic project to your plate.


Tips for using Pinterest for wedding planning:

Do create a private board with the final details you want to incorporate. Unless you want all of your friends to know your wedding details before they arrive on the big day, we encourage you to keep this private. You can still show your family and wedding party the ideas, but leave the surprises you are working hard on a secret so your guests see a true “unveiling”.

Do condense your ideas down to a few in each category. Instead of pinning 50 wedding bouquets and leaving them all on your board, start comparing them to each other as you go then delete the ones that aren’t as appealing to you as the others. Reduce, reduce, reduce.  This will help lessen the possibility of overload and confusion and make it easier to make big decisions in the long run. We LOVE when our clients show us their Pinterest boards, but we might raise an eyebrow at the board that has 30+ images of silver bridal shoes!  Finally, once you have your favorite 3-5 images in each category, you can place those pieces on your master board, so your entire vision comes to life.

Don’t look only at Pinterest for inspiration and ideas! It might be a fabric panel, a piece of stationery, a piece of artwork or something unexpected that becomes the base for your wedding design. Keep your eyes open while you’re shopping, at a gallery, looking through magazines or even in your planner’s portfolio!

Do stop pinning on the boards a few months prior to your wedding day. Otherwise, you might drive yourself crazy on whether or not there’s something better out there and your personal wedding vision may be compromised.

Don’t forget what this day is really about. We are so excited over napkin treatments, specific tags and fonts for the favors, the right socks for the groomsmen, capturing that “it” photography shot, and all of the tiny details that make the wedding truly yours. While these are all important details, sometimes couples forget what the true goal is for this day and they get caught up and stressed out over trying to make it “too perfect”.  Enjoy the planning and wedding day by not feeling too overwhelmed by ideas. Enjoy this time with each other! Relax and don’t forget to focus on this incredible journey you are embarking on together.

"Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love, and you fall forever." ~ Unknown