Crystal Rain and Gourmet Cuisine at the Fairmont Olympic

Incredible photos below by Yours By John 032

Congratulations to Angie & Chris who were wed with the help of VOWS Owner and Lead Planner/Designer Katy Griffiths on October 6, 2012 at the classically elegant Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Running with a Great Gatsby theme, this couple had two major priorities for their intimate celebration of 60: making sure their out of town family from Texas, England and Korea were pampered and the food had to not only be excellent, but creative. Why? Well, both Angie & Chris are accomplished chefs in the Seattle area and food is their passion. No pressure!


Soft drapery and up lighting made Angie & Chris' heart felt ceremony glow. Thanks to the ingenious team at Flora Nova for the radiant design and for incorporating vegetables into their floral arch making our chefs very happy. Who knew kale and cabbage were so beautiful!


Next came the heroes at Rented Elegance who humored my over-the-top vision of bringing the vast ceiling in the Garden Room down with a curtain of crystal to create a more intimate feel for our 60 guests and that "wow" factor that would be the icing on the cake of our decor plan. The vision evolved into a geometric work of art that danced in the light and indeed did "wow" guests all night. (Keep going for more photos of the one thing that took eyes off the bride!)



To balance the dramatic ceiling, centerpieces were a more traditional topiary in all shades of red with white & green accents...we did sneak in more crystal there too.  The linens and napkins were luxurious gold and raspberry damask from BBJ Linens.


The Fairmont Chef tackled the challenge and obvious pressure with grace impressing everyone with a throwback menu from the Georgian Room Circa 1920 including beef tartare, mushroom consomme, fresh shell fish, and roasted pig. The opulent paper design (seen here in menu form by the uber talented Sheryl at Paper Moxie) was a highlight in carrying out our Great Gatsby theme.





And the crystal curtain in the sky turned into dancing rain when the sun went down.....


Candlelight added a glow from the tables while guests enjoyed their 5 course meal....


It all became more than any of us expected and the Garden Room was nothing the staff at the Fairmont had ever seen. Guests of the hotel and even other hotel staff came in to take a peek at the visual wonder.


You too can have crystal rain at your reception at the Fairmont. Just contact Rented Elegance for details!

Big thanks to my wonderful vendor team and the first class staff at the Fairmont Olympic for a truly memorable event!