Their Day their Way - Jacqueline & Michael

by Katy Roberts, VOWS Owner

What I love about this job is the variety of personalities I meet. My clients always open my eyes a bit wider to the different perspectives and approaches to this crazy life we live. Here at VOWS, we always say:  "This is your day, your money, your memory to make...we just want your vision to become a reality, traditions or not." There are really no "shoulds" in 2015. Do what makes you happy, be yourself, and fun and joy will follow.

When Jacqueline and I first met, I knew she was grasping this concept and holding on tight with both hands. Her 2nd marriage, his first, but I was warned Michael was very shy and didn't want all the traditions and the inevitable attention. He just wanted a day that let him marry his gal and that matched their personalities. Enter their yacht moored on Lake Union the "Majestik" and some fabulous friends including owner of Barolo Ristorante in downtown Seattle. The beautiful images from La Vie Photography speak for themselves. Great style, romance, delicious food, and a club style reception complete with a sparkler presentation of the couple's favorite champagne. The day and late night impressed and wow'd guests AND our team! Enjoy the visual candy us if you want to do it your way too!

We can’t be successful unless we have the teamwork of great vendors. Big thanks to:

La Vie Photography

Barolo Ristorante

Greenlight Event Design

Garden Gate Floral

Julian Catford Guitar

Erin Skipley Beauty 

Lady Yum