Wedding Quiz

Seattle Weddings: What Season Are You?

A Quiz to Help You Choose the Best Wedding Date for Your Personality

By VOWS Planner/Designer Amber Sooter

You found the perfect person and you’re sporting the perfect ring, now it’s time to choose the perfect time of year to marry your sweetheart! Many factors come into play in determining your best wedding date, however, the 10 questions below will help you and your fiancé narrow in on the right match for you to say “I Do!”

1. Which flower can you not live without on your wedding day? a) Peonies please b) Chrysanthemums are too cute c) Dahlia’s in every color d) Roses, they’re so romantic

2. You are planning your dream honeymoon. Where are you planning to go? a) A mini getaway to the San Juan Islands – why travel far when the islands are in our own backyard? b) Backpacking through Europe – Italy, France, & Spain, here we come! c) The Hawaiian Islands – we just want to relax at the beach and pool. d) The Swiss Alps – there’s nothing more romantic than a cozy ski resort in Switzerland

3. Which wedding theme do you most identify with? a) Vintage Elegance b) Rustic Romance c) Midsummer Night’s Dream d) Classic Black & White *We gain lots of inspiration from Pinterest just like you!

4. On a typical weekend, you and your fiancé can be found: a) In your garden planting new vegetables and herbs b) Hiking the local trails with your dog c) Out on a boat in Lake Washington d) If snow is on the ground, we’re hitting the slopes

5. Which best describes your feelings regarding The Budget? a) We may go over budget if we have to use our “Plan B” outdoor tent b) We’re on track to stay right on budget c) Budget? What budget? d) We are hoping to come in under budget and will make some sacrifices in order to do so

6. Which of the following is your ideal wedding venue? a) A church ceremony and golf club indoor/outdoor reception b) A barn out in the country c) On the beach with sand in our toes d) Indoors at a downtown hotel or private club *Be sure to check out our portfolio for weddings we have planned at all the venues above!

7. The color palette that best reflects your wedding colors is: a) Light blues, yellow and grey b) Plum, burgundy, and green c) Bright and soft pinks, teal green and white d) Navy blue, gold and ivory

8. Your absolute favorite meal is: a) Roast chicken and seasonal vegetables b) Spaghetti carbonara c) Fish tacos with extra guacamole! d) Beef bourguignon with garlic mashed potatoes

9. Your ideal signature cocktail is: a) Moscow mule b) Mulled apple cider c) Mojito d) Manhattan

10. Your dream wedding dress style is: a) A lace trumpet gown with a sweetheart bodice b) An off-the shoulder mermaid style with an embroidered lace top c) Silk chiffon sheath with a deep v-neckline d) A long-sleeved lace and tulle ball gown with an open back and lots of glam accessories!


Mostly A's: You are a Spring Bride! Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, you thrive in the spring time when the cherry blossoms and tulips have fully bloomed. Your best wedding date is anytime between the months of April – June.

Mostly B's: You are a Fall Bride! Your favorite time in the city is when the leaves turn crimson and orange, the weather feels cool and crispy and football season returns. Your best wedding date is anytime between the months of late-September – November.

Mostly C's: You are a Summer Bride! You crave warm weather and the sand in your toes…and who can blame you?? Your best wedding date is anytime between the months of July – mid-September. This is peak wedding season in Seattle. Or you may want to consider a destination wedding! May we suggest Maui, Hawaii?

Mostly D's: You are a Winter Bride! You love the holidays and think nothing is more romantic or elegant than a snowy backdrop in the woods with lots of candlelight. Your best wedding date is anytime between the months of December – February.